Website Design

At V Design Wonders, we make visually mesmerising websites and help businesses of all sizes to grow, we have helped businesses all around India turn viewers into customers.


What makes us different ?

We have a unique procedure that helps us identify the needs and requirements for your business to grow.


Website Design: Starting Phase

Here we start by learning about your business, your brand and what kind of website will help you in growing forward.

What is on your mind?

What will your website do? What features and functions your website require? What content would you prefer to be published? What marketing strategy will help you reach your goal? We will be thorough to find the answers and make your website work for you.

Insights On Your Customer Base

We will help you investigate your customer base so we can identify what content will grab your customer's attention, we will find their demographic data and what keeps them captivated.

The Journey

To understand your journey better we need to know where you started that will help us in taking measures to set goals. Our experts will make marketing effort and the right SEO based on benchmarks you want to achieve.


Its important to know "who your Competitors are?" and "what is your standing against competitors?" Our researchers will scrutinize their websites for rich content that is appealing to the audience, their way online and how their keywords are effecting their state. Then, Our experts will give you an edge with SEO, design and usability.

Website Design: Creative Phase

After we know all the necessary details about your business and your competition, we start building your website.

Creating a Sitemap

We will create a map of all the pages that will help us in creating the content. With the help of a Sitemap it is easier to navigate through the pages.


In styling we map out colors and fonts that we will use on your website. Common items are defined like headings and paragraph font sizes, its colors, styles to navigate and images with the right resolution that may be used.

Frame to Your Website

A frame is the blueprint of your website. We put all the ideas together about structure and styling so that you can view the flow from page to page and see the position of all the images and items.


Website Design: Developing Phase

The website developing stage starts as we put the sitemap, styling, the frames and content together and start the process of coding. This puts together a visual to your website, you are able to see a layout of your webpage, you will be able to flow through the website by clicking page to pages and use a responsive and functional website.

This phase takes the longest of time in web design, most of the work is done in this phase like customising graphics, text layout, icons and the code that makes your website work on all the devices.

Website Design: The Launch !!

This stage is very important as we put your website live and make sure it operates perfectly in the web environment.

Browser Testing

This is where we conduct cross-browser tests as there are many types of operating systems, devices. Our web designers make sure your website runs smooth on all devices with all the screen sizes.

Mapping of Domain and 301’S & 404’S

We map the URL’s to improve SEO. We also install Google Analytics to track the traffic on your website and also submit your sitemap to all the search engines. We create custom error pages and redirection pages which gives a seamless flow to your website.

After The Launch

Once the website is launched, then we provide assistence with website maintaince and further digital marketing services through our monthly service plans or flat-rate plans. We believe in providing the best web design that will make your website successful and also will help build your business.